Business Consultancy Overview

Lockwood & Rann was established in 2009, but it’s consultancy team has accumulated 150 years of experience in strategy, training and development, HR, legal, finance and marketing.

Working with Lockwood & Rann gives you instant access to the consultancy team’s expertise and large network of contacts across healthcare and recruitment and other industries

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Specialist Services

Begin with the end in mind

Growing a successful business is never easy and balancing immediate business needs and focusing on the future can be challenging.

Our specialist team can work with you to understand what you want to achieve, agree and prioritize what needs to be done and the changes required to make it happen. We can then work with your teams to help to make your vision a reality through providing a full range of management consultancy services.


“Experience is a master teacher – even when it’s not our own.”

– Gina Greenlee

Our five step process and how we can
support your business


We engage with stakeholders to understand our client’s needs, challenges and desired results. We use a range of proven insight tools and health checks to fully understand the current state.

Once we have an understanding of the current state, we are able to present an accurate and comprehensive overview of the pain points, potential root causes and opportunities for improvement.



Having set out the proposed solutions, we adopt a collaborative approach with our clients to agree the way forward. This ensures there is clarity, commitment and accountability for the future plans.

We leverage our experience and expertise to provide practical and effective solutions that are tailored specifically to our client’s business. The proposed solutions are translated into detailed action plans.



We work with our clients to implement changes, training, new practices and ways of working, and mechanisms for capturing key metrics to embed continuous improvement and ensure change is sustainable going forward.