About Lockwood & Rann

Whether you want to improve your business’s performance, identify new opportunities for growth, realise efficiencies, manage change effectively or simply seek an external viewpoint; Lockwood and Rann can provide you with direct access to our team’s expertise and skills, so we can help you achieve these goals and deliver value to your business in both a pragmatic and cost-effective way.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

– Thomas Jefferson



Growing a successful business is never easy and balancing immediate business needs and focusing on the future is always a challenge.

With many years’ experience of creating, developing and selling high performing businesses our mission is to:

“Deploy our wide-ranging expertise and services to significantly increase the likelihood of business owner’s achieving their goals”.

Our specialist team can work with you to understand what you want to achieve, agree and prioritize what needs to be done and the changes required to make it happen. We can then work with your teams to help to make your vision a reality.

We provide a full range of management consultancy services, which includes: day to day operational support, strategic solutions, leadership training and coaching and non- executive advice.


Our Mission, Vision and Values

Together, our vision, mission and values statements encapsulate what Lockwood and Rann is all about and help to show the world who we are, what we stand for and where we are going.

Through authenticity, dedication, wisdom, energy and investment and a focus on success we’ve created a culture of teamwork where every individual is recognised for their own strengths, expertise and perspectives.

We live our values every day, they define how we work together with our clients and each other and hold us accountable to deliver on our promises.

Our Mission

To deploy our wide – ranging expertise and services to significantly increase the likelihood of business owner’s achieving their goals.

Our Vision

To become the go – to company that forward thinking businesses can rely on for pragmatic consulting and tailored support services that accelerate them towards their definition of success.

Our Values

Authenticity Icon
We are known for being
genuine and we bring
our whole selves to
Dedication Icon
We always do what we
say we’re going to do
and keep our promises
to deliver.
Wisdom Icon
We thrive in helping
people leap over the
potholes we’ve fallen
down ourselves.
Energy Icon
We recognise our best
selves and manage our
energy accordingly.
Investment Icon
We prioritise resources
effectively and care
about your business as if
it’s our own.