24th, November, 2017

Benefits of social media strategy to a business

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users, Twitter has 330 million active users, and LinkedIn has just under 500 million. The sheer volume of activity within the three main social media platforms utilised by businesses speaks for itself, and in a world that is determinedly immersing itself in digital, the benefits of a comprehensive social media strategy as a powerful marketing tool are clear.

For B2C engagement, Facebook and YouTube are the favourites. Facebook is the ‘go-to’ platform and was created to work with company objectives in mind, such as lead generation and site conversions. The platform’s global reach is almost unparalleled, with users accessing and sharing content, liking pages and tagging their friends 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Arguably the most valuable part of having an engaging B2C social strategy is the fact that it allows customers to become more connected with companies and organisations they are interested in, whether that’s ensuring that they can see latest deals without needing to go to their websites, or having someone to vent at when their train is late, or they’re unhappy with the service received.

They say a reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy, and that is certainly true of how a company portrays itself online, especially when responding to complaints, however serious. Everyone has seen the open letter to Sir Richard Branson from a Virgin passenger who was unhappy with his in-flight meal, which earned him a phone call from the entrepreneur to thank him for his feedback.

When it comes to B2B engagement, LinkedIn is far and away the most valued because of its professional element. The principles of B2C social engagement remain largely the same with B2B, as companies focus their social strategies on connecting with potential clients rather than customers.

Taking advantage of tools, such as creating a Company Page, is just the first of many ways of increasing exposure online. With its 500 million-odd users, LinkedIn is a great place to start growing awareness of a young enterprise, while showcasing the business-owners through their own profiles, building connections and learning more about their sector.

With content creation, a mix of short, snappy updates combined with longer more engaging pieces, and peppered with image-based updates and the occasional video which either interests, educates or entertains a user, is perfect for ensuring a company has a comprehensive strategy that covers all the bases, and targets the wide spectrum of users. Content may also be shared immediately across all platforms, which is invaluable for communicating updates to followers.

In a time when all social channels are saturated with content, being original will always encourage better brand awareness. Quality, original content performs better than offers and promotions, and sharing this content helps to increase brand awareness and encourage potential customers to engage more with the company. It’s almost a domino effect, as one user shares a piece of content, which is then shared by five of their friends, and so it goes on.

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